The Only Fully Operational Active Protection System (APS) for Armoured Fighting Vehicle (AFVs) That Has Saved Lives.

The Solution

Today’s armed forces are confronting increasingly sophisticated anti-tank weapons as well as a new generation of anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs) that can defeat any main battle tank (MBT) frontal armor. 

To counter these threats, vehicles need Active Protection measures that will ensure the survivability of the crew and vehicle – as well as the capability to detect low signature shooters and engage them in seconds – thus enabling maneuverability.

TROPHY™ creates a neutralization bubble around the vehicle. It rapidly detects, classifies, and engages all known chemical energy (CE) threats – including recoilless rifles, ATGMs, AT rockets, HEAT tank rounds, and RPGs. It increases the lethality of a formation/force, successfully neutralizing the enemy’s anti-tank teams.

It can locate the fire source, enabling the crew to return fire effectively with the Samson 30 RWS, or by interfacing with other fighting platforms via the BMS network.


  • Provides protection against all known chemical energy (CE) threats, including CE tank rounds.

  • Proven high kill probability.

  • Offers 360° protection in azimuth, as well as extensive elevation coverage.

  • Operates in challenging combat scenarios: short-range, on the move, multiple/ simultaneous shots from one or different directions.

  • Proven build-in Hostile Fire Detection (HFD) capability

  • Safety certification process (Fuze Board) – completed.

  • Independent tests prove a minimal risk to civilians, dismount troops, and nearby vehicles.

  • A pre-defined safety zone for friendly troops on the ground can be obtained.

  • Proven capability to fully operate with other RF systems (Radars, EW, Radio, Data, etc.) in a close proximity.

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