The Highly Sophisticated and Combat-Proven SPICE™ Guidance Kits Delivers Precision Strikes in a GPS-Denied Environment.

The Solution

Laser-guided bombs (LBGs) do not meet today’s most critical needs, since they are released at short ranges, thereby increasing strike force vulnerability to enemy fire.

GPS-guided weapons also have their disadvantages, with some delivering stand-off capability, but without immunity to GPS countermeasures.

Providing ultra-smart navigation, guidance, targeting, and homing capabilities, RAFAEL’s SPICE Guidance Kits are the ideal answer to the challenges faced by today’s combat aircraft.

Converting general purpose and penetration warheads weighing 1000 or 2000lbs into precision, stand-off strike weapons with ranges of 60-100km ‒ they deliver multiple, simultaneous hits with pinpoint accuracy.

Advanced EO/IR technologies allow the targeting, acquisition, and autonomous tracking of moving targets, and a scene-matching algorithm enables fully autonomous, GPS-independent missions with midflight path adjustment and minimum collateral damage.


  • Mission success in GPS-jammed arenas

  • Autonomous stand-off capability

  • High lethality and low collateral damage

  • Day, night, and adverse weather operation

  • Low aircrew workload

  • Fully autonomous – “Fire & Forget”

  • Tactical stand-off range

  • Advanced Automatic Target Acquisition homing (ATA) using sophisticated scene-matching algorithm

  • Pinpoint hit accuracy

  • Tactical flexibility in trajectory (direction and angle of attack)

  • Multiple missions per sortie

  • Insensitive to GPS jamming

  • Mission planning on ground or onboard

Other Programs


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