High-performance single-weapon Remote Weapon Station (RWS) designed for use with light combat vehicles and fast attack platforms.

The Solution

The dual axis, gyro-stabilized Mini has a low center of gravity for stabilization, making it the ideal remote weapon station for maneuvering forces.

Armament can range from a 5.56mm machine gun up to 40mm automatic grenade launcher with an optional smoke grenade launcher.

Integrated on a wide variety of wheeled vehicles and tracked platforms, the compact Samson Mini effectively supports ground maneuverability.

The system’s highly accurate target engagement, auto-tracking capabilities and stabilization enable superior per-formance under the most adverse conditions.

In addition, the Samson Mini’s open architecture allows for the addition of effectors, sensors, tactical information systems and the use of customer furnished equipment for an effective battlefield response.


  • Single weapon RWS for use with light combat vehicles and fast attack platforms.

  • Supports multiple weapons, from a 5.56mm machine gun to a 40mm automatic grenade launcher, and smoke grenade launcher.

  • High-precision firepower in day or night operations under adverse environmental conditions.

  • Combat proven in active service worldwide.

  • Low center of gravity contributes to vehicle stability.

  • System design maximizes the protection of critical electronics

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