Supplier Portal

General Information

Instructions to Vendor Acknowledgement:

  • Items should arrive at “ship to address” on the required date (shown on purchase order).
  • In order to assure identification of your shipment for payment, a copy of packing list and Buyers Purchase Order number (s) must be attached to each shipment.
  • Mark our Purchase Order numbers (s) on cartons, packing list, invoices, and shipping notices.
  • Sign and return a signed copy of our Purchase Order (lower right column of the PO).
  • Buyer’s Terms and Conditions apply.
  • Certificate of Compliance required with each shipment.
  • Purchase Order Terms and Conditions along with the applicable Q-A- Requirements can be accessed by returning to this website (, and clicking the “Suppliers Portal” in the blue navigation bar at the top of the page.


 Current Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions identify the contractual arrangements between C4 Advanced Tactical Systems LLC and our suppliers. The Terms and Conditions listed below are incorporated by reference in our Purchase Orders / Subcontracts are applicable to the Purchase Order / Subcontract issued to you.


Quality Codes and Clauses

Quality codes and clauses are used to identify specific manufacturing standards that apply to products supplied to C4 Advanced Tactical Systems LLC.  Applicable quality codes are reflected on purchase orders. Suppliers are encouraged to review the quality codes and clauses with which they wish to do business.