Environmental Testing

CATS has the capability and expertise to perform in-house environmental testing and environmental stress screening on the products we build under contract.


Temperature Control Testing

• Two chambers: One in each clean room
• Interior: 48″ wide x 48″ deep x 48″ high
• Temperature Range: -73°C to +190°C
• Temperature Control: ±1°C
• Temperature Rate: up to 10°C/min


 Shock / Vibration  Testing

• 3 Axis, LDS V8 with SPA56K Shaker
• Tilt Head with Slip-table
• Frequency Range: DC to 2.5 kHz.
• Test unit weight up to 600 lbs.
• Sine force of 13,500 lbf.
• Random force of 14,800 lbf.


  Water Tightness Testing

• Used to test the integrity of large structures
• MIL-STD-810E Method 506.3 Tailored for water tightness
• Over 90 water jets
• Aluminum construction


CATS is your solution for Environmental Testing


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